Meet Priscilla – A Children’s Village Star!

Priscilla is a beautiful five-year-old girl who enjoys dancing, loves her iPad and going shopping with her mom Shannon. She also experiences Cerebral Palsy.

Priscilla’s first experience with Children’s Village was in March 2010. The Children’s Village therapist came to see Priscilla at her home when she was 5 months old.

Since that first visit, Priscilla has made a lot of progress with the help of services at Children’s Village. She received in-home physical therapy until she was three years old, as well as occupational therapy, speech therapy and even some hippo therapy. Priscilla’s mom Shannon has also utilized services at Children’s Village with the Parent to Parent program her own personal support with other mothers who share similar challenges.

Today Priscilla is a very active little girl who attends school in the Yakima School District. Her family is very thankful of the services offered by Children’s Village.

“If these services were not available in our area, our family would have relocated to Seattle. Children’s Village offers so many services to our Yakima Valley residents and we are proof. Priscilla had a spinal cord surgery in May 2014 at Seattle Children’s Hospital and our family had to stay there for four weeks in a hospital room. We could not wait to get home fast enough. This was a stressful time for all of us and Priscilla cried to come home to Yakima. Once home, we started Physical Therapy the next week and our life went back to normal because of Children’s Village.”

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  1. Susan Coffey says:

    I have seen the progress Pricilla has made over these 5 short years. It is AMAZING to see and hear about the services from Children’s Village that have not only contributed to Pricilla’s progress, but have also supported her family by making her treatment options available in their home. A very important aspect in that fragile children can be more susceptible to contracting illnesses that others can more easily ward off. I love this family and I am so pleased we have Children’s Village here in our Valley to serve children and families.

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