He met Prince Harry and is now at Children’s Village!

Meet John Jones

JohnJ1Greetings everyone! It is with great pleasure that I announce that I will be working at Children’s Village, helping to secure sponsorships for this amazing place! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is John Jones. I’ve been involved with Children’s Village from the very beginning; first as a child ambassador when I was younger, receiving physical therapy sessions for cerebral palsy and then later after a major hip surgery for rehabilitation.



Due to the programs at the Village I was able to attend the University of Denver as an Opera Vocalist and Classical Music Composition student and was able to perform on stage as well as for Prince Harry of Wales.


The help I received at the Village and the energy I experienced from the people who help to make Children’s Village a reality instilled in my young mind to “go and do thou likewise.”  Making the world a better place is my mission, and in the Yakima Valley the only way I knew how to make the greatest impact was to join the Village team that helped me to accomplish many of my dreams. I am happy to work with the Children’s Village team and hope to bring the Village’s message and services to more of Central Washington’s children.



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