A Mother’s Passion

One of the amazing volunteers who helped make “Passion for the Village” such a beautiful event is Dana Kovats, mother to two beautiful little girls, Mariel and Salome,  Dana shares her passion in this excerpt from her story on our website:

Our visits to Children’s Village were a family affair, attended by Mariel’s not-yet-in-preschool big sister Salome. My first “passion for the Village” was “Hallelujah there’s a childcare area.” What could have been a scary weekly visit to a doctor’s office was transformed into an anticipated trip to the coolest play area in town. 

My passion continues with my contribution to the planning of the “Passion for the Village” event.  I am passionate about the quality of care that has been a constant in our nearly three years at Children’s Village. We attend weekly speech therapy, both at the Village and at the Pegasus Project where she is learning new words while horseback riding. We are also blessed with an amazing educator who visits our home bi-weekly to encourage social and fine motor skill development.   My daughter turns three in September, so we truly have yet to scratch the surface of the great things that Children’s Village has to offer. To guarantee that these offerings are available not only to my family, but to the countless children with special needs and their families all over the Valley, that is my passion.” 

Read Dana’s entire story http://childrensvillage.memfound.org/whats-passion

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