Munchkin Music

Every Thursday little ones and their parents from Children’s Village gather at the Yakima Valley YMCA for Munchkin Music. The class, taught by Early Intervention Educator Melissa Van Troba, is designed for toddlers, who spend time experiencing a variety of music, instruments, lyrics, and friends.


Aubrey and Danielle Woodcock with their shakers at Munchkin Music.

Munchkin Music is a part of the Children’s Village Infant and Toddler Early Intervention program. These services are available to children from birth to age three who have disabilities or developmental delays. Everything these children may experience, including speech therapy, physical therapy, and programs like Munchkin Music, is intended to boost their early development.

Munchkin Music has been operating for a few years now and has expanded very successfully. This is due to its unique approach to development through music. Children are able to see a whole new world through rhythm and movement, while also enhancing their language, motor, social, and sensory skills. The instructors are also great at identifying what each child benefits the most from and how to use that better.

This type of class is one every young parent should be searching for. The enriching experience is a wonderful blend of learning, fun, sociality, and of course music. Any parent interested in getting their child involved may contact Children’s Village at (509) 574-3200.

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