Your neighbor needs your support now more than ever….

Your neighbor needs your support now more than ever. So join our passion, make an impact, and donate today.

Without you, there would be no Holland parent support group, no One2One Ballet program, no specialized dental services, and no autism support groups. Without you, the miracles of Children’s Village would not exist.

As Director of Children’s Village, thank you for helping us make significant impacts on the lives of children and families all around the valley.  Hundreds of children see our medical specialists each week.  Children are learning to walk and talk and achieve a higher quality of life than ever expected. Others diagnosed with autism are learning to communicate, speaking their first words to their parents.

One in five children in your neighborhood today has a special health care need or developmental disability.  Children’s Village exists for these children.  Annually, Children’s Village needs more than $400,000 to fill the gaps that insurance, Medicaid, and private contracts do not provide.  As of today, we are only half way to our goal for 2013.

To meet the best outcomes for these children using evidence based practices is our primary goal and for this we need your support.  We cannot provide the highest quality care for these children without the continued generosity of our community.

mailboxBecome a member of our neighborhood and support something innovative. Help us reach our goal today.  By making a gift of $2,500 or more, your name will be placed on a mailbox at Children’s Village. Donate today!

Join the neighborhood of community members, families and businesses that show our families how much their journey is supported.  Families will see your label as they walk through the Village. The families and Children’s Village staff are continually grateful for your support. We say a heartfelt thank you!

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