Neurodevelopmental Services: Lunch and Learn

Friends of the Village Lunch & Learn

Recently, Jennie Olson, ARNP presented to our Friends of the Village Lunch & Learn on neurodevelopmental services at Children’s Village.  What an informative and interesting presentation! Below are some of the highlights from her presentation.

Facts about Neurodevelopmental delays:

  • Neurodevelopmental disorders are disabilities associated primarily with the functioning of the neurological system and brain.
  • Examples of neurodevelopmental disorders in children include global developmental delay, intellectual disability, speech/communication disorders, motor disorders, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, genetic syndromes, and learning disabilities.
  • Children with neurodevelopmental disorders experience difficulties in multiple areas such as language and speech, motor skills, behavior, memory, learning, or other neurological functions.  A wide variety of mental, emotional, behavioral, and physical features.
  • Typically, neurodevelopmental disorders last a lifetime, although function can improve with appropriate support. Diagnosis and treatment often involves a combination of therapy, pharmaceuticals, and home/ school based programs.

How Children’s Village provides neurodevelopmental support:

  • There is a multidisciplinary, collaborative care approach for children and their families at Children’s Village. This includes holistic services, taking into account the needs of the child and family in their everyday life and working with the child and family to incorporate skills into daily functioning.
  • Some of the goals in treating children with neurodevelopmental disorders are to maximize function and abilities now and in the future.
  •  Neurodevelopmental services are incorporated throughout Children’s Village, including occupational, physical and speech therapy, education, care coordination, genetics, behavior therapy, mental health counseling, medical diagnosis and management, dental, multidisciplinary team assessments, parent and family support.

Jennie Olson’s presentation really reinforced what makes Children’s Village unique and special—Children’s Village provides many needed services for children under one roof and at one location and serves as a point of contact for families.

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