An Ode to Early Intervention

Have you ever worried about your child and felt at a loss on how to help them?

If your kid isn’t reaching a milestone, if he struggles with sensory processing, if he isn’t speaking yet, anything that makes you wonder if your child is not progressing, call your doctor for a referral or call Children’s Village directly.

Early Intervention; a program for babies and children ages birth to three, identifies and addresses a child’s physical and developmental needs and creates a plan for reaching milestones. Trained specialists come to the child’s home and work with the entire family.

Yes, it’s true most kids will get ‘there’ eventually. But as one mom so aptly put it, “these therapists for children are flipping wizards!”

The beauty of an early intervention home educator is that they see reasons your child does or does not do things that we (the parents) aren’t necessarily trained to see. Did you know they can coax strength from frail limbs in ways neither you nor I ever would have thought to try?

The home educator does more than just provide a therapy plan for your child, they swoop in and with love and care, teach you how to parent your child better. How to help your child reach his or her potential. They sometimes stand in as a mild therapist for you, too, as you voice concerns and fears for your child. Or they will stand as witnesses to the marvelous milestones (big or small) that happen in your home.

Whether its developmental and speech therapy to help a child with sensory seeking behaviors that interfere with language development or a preemie baby who needs to strengthen his hands so he may one day use them to crawl, the home educator will help. Plain and simple. Through play and interaction and a whole lot of experience, they will help a child progress. And sometimes, they will know better than you what the next goals should be and how to get there. They will teach you ways to interact with kids that are not taught in Parenting 101.

They will understand what an amazing milestone it can be for a baby to finally track with this eyes. Or laugh spontaneously. Or use those pincher fingers. Or throw his plate on the ground when he’s done eating. Or make eye contact while saying hello. Or attempt to copy the words up up up!

If you have a concern about your child’s growth and development, start HERE with this easy to use, free online developmental screening.

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