Equine Assisted Education

The NYU Langone Dental Medicine Advanced Education in Pediatric Dentistry residents, who provide dental care to children at Children’s Village Pediatric Dentistry and YVFWC Lincoln Avenue Pediatric Dentistry, and the Children’s Village pediatric dentists had the opportunity to participate in a unique training opportunity on Saturday April 14, 2018.

The training took place at the Pegasus Project and was facilitated by Sue Moore of Chava Naturals’ Medicine and Horsemanship Program (https://www.chavanaturals.com/pages/horse-assisted-education-events) who is a certified equine educator and organizational development coach. She and the horses of the Pegasus Project facilitated an experiential learning opportunity to help the pediatric dental residents and pediatric dentists develop their non-verbal communication and leadership skills. Fostering non-verbal communication is particularly important given that many of the children who receive dental care at Children’s Village communicate non-verbally.

This experience was made possible by the generosity of Wells Fargo, The Memorial Foundation, the Pegasus Project, and Chava Naturals’ Medicine and Horsemanship Program. The training the pediatric dental residents and pediatric dentists received will allow them to continue to provide high quality, child- and family-centered care to all children in the Yakima Valley.

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Jonathan is a little boy who has a bright smile and a love of water!

Jonathan is a little boy who has a bright smile and a love of water! He also has a very limited ability to use his legs and comes to Children’s Village for therapy in the pool. Using the benefit of the warm water in the pool, his therapist works to stretch and strengthen his muscles. As his father positions the chair lift on the side of the pool, he gently lowers Jonathan into the water as his big smile brightens the room! At that point he knows he is heading into the comforting warm water. His therapist gently sways him back and forth along the top of the water’s edge, helping stretch his muscles and he’s able to experience the enjoyment of floating on the water. Jonathan’s legs are moved in a kicking motion to build strength and increase movement, buoyed by the magic of the water at the pool at Children’s Village.

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It takes a village to support families raising children with special needs.

It takes a village to support families raising children with special needs.  Children’s Village coaches families who are supporting their child with special needs, as they experience a lifetime of challenges.

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April is autism awareness month

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March is Developmental Disability Awareness Month!

“What does inclusion mean to you? That’s the question posed to people with and without disabilities in this video celebration of National Developmental Disabilities Month.” Learn more at http://informingfamilies.org/everyone-wins/ »

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Dental care for children with special healthcare needs

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Thoughts from Jessica DeBord, Pediatric Dentist at Children’s Village

“As a dentist here at Children’s Village, one of the most meaningful experiences for me is being able to provide the level of care to our families that they would only get in a major city at a premier children’s hospital. Our kids don’t deserve any less than other kids because they live in a rural community. Children’s Village provides families with support and high-level medical and dental care, locally! Children’s Village is a family-centered collaborative team with a common mission to care for children with special health care needs. The Village lets clinicians provide the best care possible for our kids.”

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The heart of the Village…

Children’s Village is a physical example of the love, care and compassion our community has for those with exceptional needs! The staff at the village does so much more than provide just medical services or therapies, they reach out to the entire family structure and provide opportunities that go beyond basic services. “It’s been so great, the support, the amazing therapist that have been here, my son has made so many friends with village staff members, it’s been really fun, really good,  I don’t know what I would do without the people at the village!” – a grateful parent.

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Children’s Village Sib Shops Hearts

This month at Sibshops the kids were each given a box of candy conversation hearts and a colored piece of paper with a heart on it. The instructions were for each of them to write their own conversation heart – the kind they would most like to receive from their sibling with special needs.  It was really neat to see the kids take off and write down what they would like to hear from their sibs.

When we did sharing some of the kids who have had a hard time doing so suddenly were able to share things that they haven’t before. Some of the things they shared weren’t even about them, it was about what they wished their sib could say to their parents. There were a few that wished their sib could say “Mom” or “Dad”. Other kids wished their siblings could say “Thank you for helping me…”

For anyone who helps support Children’s Village, and Sibshops, the coordinators of this special program THANK YOU from the bottom of their hearts. 

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The Amazing Izzy!

Izzy is 12 years old and in the 6th grade.  She likes hip-hop dance, choir, soccer, and is very busy for a young, almost teenager.  One of her favorite activities is the rodeo.  She started at 3 years old with her dad leading the horse as she rode.  Now she rides independently and this year she is attending bigger rodeos!  Her goal is to participate in the Indian National Finals Rodeo. 

Izzy was born with arthrogryposis – which means some of her joints in her hands don’t move much and are bent in one position, but Izzy has a super strong trunk and leg strength to help her do things that she does not have the hand strength to do.  As a baby, she was able to just pop up without the use of her hands, because she was so strong in her trunk and legs! 

A Children’s Village physical therapist and a specialist from Seattle Children’s Hospital came to meet Izzy and her mom in the hospital when Izzy was just 2 days old.  At two weeks old she had tiny splints on her hands and started services at Children’s Village.  By the time she was 4 years old, she had figured out her own way to do most everything and graduated from physical therapy.

Today, Izzy is back at Children’s Village, working with an occupational therapist on how to develop stronger hand and finger control, and for tasks like buttoning and zipping clothing. Her biggest challenge is when she has hands-on activities at school or movements that require hands during her choir performances.  Izzy’s mom is amazed at what she can do and Izzy won’t be limited by what she can’t do!

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