My Passion, My Brother, and Myself


Hello everybody! I would like to take this opportunity to formally introduce myself; my name is Mark Day. Over the next couple of months, I have the honor of bringing amazing stories and news to you, as well as magical events that occur at the Village, every single day.

Mark Day1

Since I was very young, Children’s Village has been (quite literally) a second home to me for a couple of reasons. First off, my mom (Tracie Hoppis) has worked at Children’s Village for as long as I remember. When I was once a cute, little, blonde hair-in-a-mullet child, I would walk into the Village and immediately my mother’s coworkers would flock –  gasping and grabbing my cheeks. However, it wasn’t my mom’s job that brought me to the Village; my brother, Andy, has been a child of the Village and has received services here since we were both very young.

As you can see from our natural smiles and 90’s hair, Andy and I have shared a common bond. Being a sibling to Andy meant that I was there through every Children’s Village experience with him. From Slugbugs to the Christmas party, to having our dental work done at the same time and place, Andy and I have grown up here.


As it seems, Andy and I have both grown . . . somewhat. But the Village remains just as prevalent in our lives. My mom is now the Child Family and Resource Manager, Andy continues to receive his dental care, and I am a just-graduated-from-being-a-mentor-but-still-hanging-around part of the Village. The importance of this place in our Valley is undeniable, and my passion for it is incredible. I hope that, through the experiences I get to share, that our community’s passion for the Village will extend to every nook and cranny of this great Valley.


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2 Responses to My Passion, My Brother, and Myself

  1. Melanie Mosshart says:

    May I congratulate my nephew, one of NINE of my passions (nieces & nephews) on his first, and might I add, excellent post! I am delighted to see him soar into life as an out-of-high-school-into-adulthood young man with such exuberance and enthusiasm for the important things, the things that really count in life: family, friends, and those that may need a little extra attention. So proud to be his Aunt, and since I don’t have my own children, it’s an honor to share even a smidgen of what I’m sure will be a worthy and successful career and a brilliant life ~~ Auntie Mel

  2. Brittany Faulkner says:

    Yours is definitely an inspired family story. Can’t wait to hear more! I’ve seen for myself how the programs at Children’s Village have changed people’s lives and these stories are what make it real.

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