Passion For The Village: A Night To Remember

Children’s Village was transformed into a bustling bistro Thursday May 10th for the third annual Passion for the Village event, hosted by the Youth Works Council teens and Friends of the Village.
Over 110 guests attended the event; enjoying interactive tours, delicious food from 901 Pasta, listening to live music, bidding on wonderful auction items and learning a little bit more about what Children’s Village does in our community. Passion raised nearly $5,000 to go towards program enhancement for children with special needs and their families.

What started as a very small event hosted completely by the Youth Works Council has grown and evolved over the last couple of years. For the first time, the Village hosted the event, giving guests an inside look at what happens every day. Tours of the dental, medical and therapy rooms were a highlight. Guests even got to watch physical therapists ‘interact’ with clients, and families were on hand to give first-hand testimonies to how meaningful it’s been for their children to receive services at the Village.

Fundraising is an integral component to Children’s Village. Events like Passion for the Village not only strengthen and grow ties to our community, but provide necessary resources to ensure programs and services grow and remain available to each and every family who walks through the door. Over the 15 years Children’s Village has served families in the Valley, it has seen unprecedented growth, and the need for services only increases every single year.

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Thank you to those who made this event possible and all the excellent teens who participated in making Passion for the Village such a success!

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