Every Penny Counts

Every Penny Counts

Sometimes we think we need to do something ‘big’ to make a difference.

A big donation.

A big project.

But more often than not, it is the small acts of kindness and generosity that make the biggest difference. Because every penny counts. Every act of service or minute spent volunteering makes a difference.

The team at Pro Motion Physical Therapy initiated a ‘Jeans for Dreams’ Campaign a few years back allowing staff to make a donation towards a designated charity in exchange for wearing jeans to work. The staff raised $75 and owner and physical therapist Michael Kane, matched it with an additional $75 making a total donation to Children’s Village of $150.

That $150, while it doesn’t seem like a lot of money at first, goes a long way at Children’s Village. $150 buys toys, games and equipment for the early childhood educators and physical and occupational therapists to use with patients. Or, the money could be used to purchase books for the Children’s Village extensive library.  Another option would be to put it in the emergency fund that is designated for families who have to make last-minute trips to Seattle for medical care or are in a financial crisis trying to pay for their child’s medical equipment.

$150 goes a long way to making a difference in the life of a child with special health care needs and their families.

$150 is big. And we are grateful.

Thank you Pro Motion Physical Therapy for your generosity! We are thrilled to benefit from your commitment to giving in your community.




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