How a Petrified Parent became a Mommy with a Mission Part 2

Embracing the Beautiful

More profound than realizing my son was a little different from other children was the day I realized that different isn’t negative. The day I realized that having Autism does not define him but rather is just a part of who he is.

The day I realized Derrius wouldn’t be the same kid if he weren’t Autistic and the fact that I wouldn’t trade that for the world, this was day I embraced Autism and it changed my life.

I will never forget the day I stood in the gym and watched my son not only initiate but continually play with another child. I knew right then I had done the right thing getting him services at Children’s Village. What I didn’t realize was how those services would change me as well.

Children’s Village Speech Therapist and Autism Coach Cindy Carroll invited me to a group called “Vegas,” a support group for parents with children on the Autism Spectrum.

The week before I was set to go Parent to Parent Coordinator Tracy Hoppis sent me a letter in the mail saying she was excited to meet me. At this point I felt obligated to go so I drug myself there reluctantly. I sat down quietly and for the first time in months I truly exhaled. I had felt so alone but as people talked it was like stars were appearing in a black night’s sky. There were other parents going through the same things as me!

The time, attention, and dedication of our providers at Children’s Village have changed Derrius’s life. He has made leaps and bounds in his growth and development and I’m learning side by side with him as he continues his progress at home.

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