How a Petrified Parent became a Mommy with a Mission Part 3

Help is On the Horizon

Where I was once scared and felt alone, I am now confidant and hopeful. I understand that our journey will include some forks in the road and a few bumps along the way (as does everyone), I am no longer afraid. Derrius will take this world by storm and his possibilities are endless. His journey has just begun!

If any part of this touches your heart and you’re a parent in need PLEASE I urge you take the plunge. Make the call. It’s ok to be upset, overwhelmed, to cry, to need to vent but please don’t allow yourself to feel alone. I let myself slip further and further into solitude, my sadness overwhelmed me and the future scared me. Joining Parent to Parent and helped me to share and learn and be empowered!

Instead of being petrified by the” what ifs,” I was inspired to create special moments out of the everyday. The moments that fill your eyes with tears because your heart just can’t contain the joy, these are the moments that I live for. A few months ago Derrius came over to me hugged me and called me Mom. In that moment I knew that while I may never be the perfect parent, together we are a perfect pair.

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