Philanthropy For Children

The Memorial Foundation seeks to improve the health of the community by educating, inspiring and mobilizing philanthropy.

I came to Yakima 25 years ago and I wanted more than anything in the world to be apart of a foundation that built the community up. I worked with Memorial Hospital to get the Memorial Foundation started and our intention at the beginning was to be able to focus initially on children, and then on adolescence and then adults in order to help build health services in the community and meet unmet needs.

Very frequently we set forth a change in vision. Whether that’s a vision for how we’re going to treat children with special heath care needs or a vision for how were going to have services at end of life.  We present that vision and mobilize donors to come together toward that vision. What almost always happens is that the contributor experiences almost as much joy as the recipient. There is real elation when the staff at NICU gets a piece of equipment that will help them save lives. There is even more joy by the donor family when they see that elation and realize that they are literally saving lives of babies.

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