Pinewood Smiles and Electric Cheers

kc4 kc3 kc2 kc1Usually when you step foot into a workspace, you may notice a variety of sights, smells, or sounds.  On Wednesday, July 23, as I entered the new Yakima Maker Space on 16 S. 1st St, it wasn’t the pine sawdust, or the familiar sound of machinery that caught my attention. Rather, it was the captivated smiles and cheers of awe from the children of Kids Club as their “Minds were blown”, because “that… is awesome”, as my friend Jack would say while electricity sparked off the (extremely loud) tesla coil.

Kids Club is a program that is provided under the phenomenal One 2 One program. Every Wednesday in July, parents can register their children with developmental disabilities (and their siblings) to various venues and locations around Yakima to participate in fun and exciting events.

“Kids Club has been a blessing for my family, but especially for Adriel. He likes to be outside exploring things and places. During club time, Adriel can be himself and nobody cares if he runs, screams, or just sits.” –Rocio (mom)

“I have two boys in the summer Kids Club: John-13, and Marshall-10. This is our second summer. They have enjoyed the many activities and friendships.” –Marie (mom)

“My son has been attending Kids Club for the past several years. It always gives him something to look forward to. He learns new things, has new experiences, and enjoys being with his peers.” –Lisa (mom)

This week, Kids Club was at the Yakima MakerSpace. There, they split into four groups and witnessed awe inspiring presentations, and even got some hands-on experience! Here are a few pictures from the event! For more on Kids Club, stay tuned next week!

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