Play Bunco, Make a Difference!

Join the Parent to Parent Advisory Board for a FUNraising event. Come play Bunco! Check out the Children’s Village calendar for dates. Childcare available by request. All funds raised directly support services at Children’s Village.

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2 Responses to Play Bunco, Make a Difference!

  1. Terri Allen says:

    Bunco is GREAT fun. The next Bunco night is Tuesday, April 9th, 7-9 p.m. Hope you will join us!

  2. Karla Pezzarossi says:

    I’ve been taking my mom with me for a ‘night’ out. BUNCO is such an easy game, it doesn’t take skill or strategy to play – though we would like to think we have the touch on how to roll the dice just right! I just happened to be lucky enough to roll off in a three way tie for the most wins this past night! I was awarded a fantastic prize of tickets to the Passion for the Village dinner!

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