They Gave Me Hope

I grew up with the usual dreams – a pony, popularity, getting into the right college and then a fairy tale wedding.

These dreams changed at some point between delivering my baby and completing his first health evaluation. I loved my baby, but there were problems. Breathing, hearing, spine it all jumbled together and seemed like more than I could handle.

I wanted my happy ending and I began to wish for life to be easier, for my baby to be healthier, for it not to all seem so impossible.

I remember we took Jacob into Children’s Village, past those massive boulders and into a place where it really was easier. Instead of trips to Seattle or multiple appointments on different days that took us out of work, we saw all his providers in one day.

Jacob loves the Village. We do too. I won’t live a day that I don’t thank my lucky stars we had the Village. It’s why I am giving and it’s why I am asking you to give. You can make someone’s happily ever after happen.

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