Setting the Example.

Halfway through my college education, I realized that chemistry was not the field that I would pursue. I decided to make medicine my life. As an orthopedic surgeon (I almost chose the path of pediatric orthopedics), my career allowed me to work with the parts of the human system designed to facilitate movement. When I joined the Memorial Foundation Board, I wanted to achieve the same support toward motion in our community.

Becoming a campaign leaser was something I saw as an extension of my life’s work—our health is made up of many parts, the realization of a community with the full spectrum of care contributes to everyone’s wellness. The Children’s Village does so much for kids and families. I have made it a part of my life’s work.

I continue to move with the campaign, which we are so close to completing, because I believe in health, families and our community.

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  1. Leslie Whiteside says:

    As the Grants Coordinator for The Memorial Foundation, it has been an absolute privilege to write grant requests for Children’s Village for the past two years. Children’s Village is the only model of its kind in the United States….and it’s right here in Yakima! The Village has truly transformed the way health care is administered for children with special needs in our Yakima Valley and in central Washington. Without it, so many children with disabilities would be underserved, and many more would go without services altogether. Children’s Village is an amazing testament to the vision and resourcefulness of our community. It is my newest passion!

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