Prom at Children’s Village, A Mother’s Story

cv3Prom at Children’s Village is an annual event that occurs each spring. It’s organized by the Parent to Parent team and teen volunteers. Teen Club Prom provides an inclusive Prom experience in a safe, comfortable environment.  Program staff and teen volunteers provide that extra support and structure some teens need to help them have a GREAT experience.   Teen participants and teen volunteers take a limo ride, get a photo at the photo booth, enjoy pizza, and dance the night away – –  all in a very supportive and accommodating environment that ensures unique physical, emotional/social, and behavioral needs are met.

Below a mother shares her daughter’s experience at Prom this year.


“This is Ruby, she is a 17-year old young lady on the Autism Spectrum. Ruby looks forward to Prom at Children’s Village every year.  This is the only time Ruby will wear a dress. Ruby is shy and it is challenging for her to be around big groups of people and loud noises. Prom at The Village is a well-organized event, down to the last detail, which makes  this a place where Ruby is able to relax and enjoy doing something that she doesn’t do regularly. Ruby tells me she feel like a princess. She dances to the music and enjoys the cake and decorations that the staff from Parent to Parent arrange very well.  Ruby’s eyes light up in joy just speaking about the limo ride and the “men in black” which was part of the Prom theme.  As a cv1parent, I do not have enough words to thank every individual that made this event possible.  The joy that it brings to Ruby is priceless.”

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  1. Kaylene Button says:

    Ruby IS a princess. So glad she enjoyed the Prom and thank you to all who were involved.

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