Reflections on Children’s Village by Behavior Therapist Cindy Meyers

“I started with Epic when we first opened, and had a toddler classroom for kids with social/emotional/traumatic issues. My one word is “Collaborative” I think Children’s Village does an amazing job of putting kids and families first- joining along with them to help children grow and develop. Children’s Village and the staff here are enthusiastic, welcoming, warm, helpful, kinds, work together well, and are innovative. I know I wouldn’t do “mental health” the same if Children’s Village wasn’t here- I’ve learned so much from the multi-and inner-disciplinary experience! I’ve had so many meaningful experiences, doing a multi-displinary social skills group with speech and occupational therapy where the children with autism and anxiety started out nervous and quiet, and ended up (after 12 weeks) with new good friends and much confidence! The kids enjoyed group so much, their parents felt they learned not only social skills to apply at school but also gained confidence and reduced anxiety!

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