Register for the Yakima County Autism Symposium, August 11-12

This summer on August 11-12, the Yakima County Autism Symposium will be held at ESD-105 on 33 S. 2nd Ave. Lasting from 8:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m. each day, this event allows people to see autism from different perspectives (or new lenses as the slogan on the flier suggests). According to Children’s Village manager and autism coach Cindy Carroll, the symposium is a meeting of community members in Yakima to discuss concerns surrounding the development of programming for children with social-emotional, communication, and behavioral needs. Another purpose of the symposium is to support and educate others on the best practices for individuals with autism spectrum disorders.

Sessions will include various activities and demonstrations, as well as Tuesday afternoon field trips to Lynchpin Foundation and the Resource Fair at Children’s Village. Presenters will also bring insight and give hope to educators and families. Dr. Diane Liebe is the symposium’s Keynote Speaker. Currently, she is Medical Director and a Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician at Children’s Village. Involved with many programs throughout Washington State, Dr. Liebe plans to talk about the Spectrum of Autism and have a Q&A session afterwards. Then, the Views from Our Shoes youth panel from Children’s Village are expected to reunite and share their firsthand experiences with autism. To assure that each person leaves with new information and techniques, the sessions will be repeated. Thus, no one should have to worry about missing a thing. Breakfast and lunch will be provided as well.

The Yakima Autism Community Symposium is sponsored by numerous organizations as listed:  Children’s Village, Lynchpin Foundation, Parent-to-Parent, Yakima Valley Farmworker’s Clinic, Catholic Family & Child Services, and Family Counseling and Autism Consulting.

If interested, please register for the symposium at Seating is limited so sign up ASAP.

For more information, contact:

Mary Winterfeld

(509) 454-5304

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