Rhys was born after our 3rd round of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and his twin passed early on in my pregnancy. There were no signs of complications until a few days before his birth when I developed pre-eclampsia. When Rhys was born his head measured small and he was diagnosed with Microcephaly at about 3 months of age. At about a year old an MRI scan diagnosed his Schizencephaly, which is an extremely rare brain malformation. At about age 3 years old,  Rhys was also diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

Rhys began receiving services at about 6 months of age and he grew to love all of his therapists immensely. When we graduated out of the program we continued with physical, occupational and speech therapy in order to help Rhys make gains in these areas.

At Children’s Village we are lucky enough to have therapists work with Rhys in speech and physical therapy and hippotherapy. It’s also very exciting to meet other families at the village and make new friends who understand the journey we are on.

Currently Rhys is 4.5 years old. He is working on balance in order to learn to walk and using his left arm equally to the right. We are working with a speech therapist to get him a device in order to communicate as well. His favorite words right now are “go”, “nope” and “keys”. He’s curious by nature which we know will help him to make strides through his life. With the support we receive through Children’s Village, we know Rhys will live up to his full potential and we are so proud of him. Rhys is sheer joy and happiness radiates out of him wherever he goes. His favorite toys are cars, trucks and motorcycles. He loves to watch Blippi and eat ice cream and fresh berries. He is funny, smart, loving and compassionate. He makes friends easily and loves to make people laugh.

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  1. Arasely Gainer says:

    My son was also born with Microcephaly. He received services at Children’s Village up to age three, then more support via our school district. He’s had years of Speech and Occupaional therapy. He’s made great growth but now in his teens we face new challenges. Nevertheless he is happy, active and thriving.

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