Setting the Example

The Memorial Foundation Board,

I found that my years with YouthWorks and the time I spent volunteering at Children’s Village to be unbelievably rewarding. It was a joy to plan the “Passion for the Village” party to raise awareness and much needed dollars for Children’s Village.

I really admire everything that the board does and hope that someday I can make a difference in the community on a large scale like all of you.

The impact The Memorial Foundation has made is truly an amazing one.
Thank you so much for all you do!

—Hannah Naughton
YouthWorks Member

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One Response to Setting the Example

  1. Katie Trammell says:

    Hannah- Thank you for all that you have done for YouthWorks and Children’s Village. It was a joy watching you excel in so many different programs here at the village from YouthWorks Pageant Fundraising to Co-Chairing Youth Council to One-to-One mentoring. You have demonstrated true leadership in your school and within your community. Hope you have a fabulous time at college and come back and visit. Go Duke!!

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