What are Sibshops at Children’s Village?

Parent to Parent’s Sibshops program just finished our year with a celebration!  Sibshops are support workshops for brothers and sisters growing up with a sibling who has special needs.

Sibshop participants shared some great advice for other sibs.

Here’s their advice:

  • Be patient; play with them a lot; get to know them a lot; understand them—Andrea
  • Play with her—Chris
  • Be kind to them and play with him or her—Bethany
  • Run when he is mad and be nice to him—Michael
  • Play video games with your sibling; if you don’t have a video game, just play with them— Jackie
  • Get to know them; be kind; play with them; teach him things he does not know; don’t be mean—Campbell
  • Don’t take stuff from them and spend quality time with them—Anonymous
  • Love them!—Laurel
  • Play outside with your sib—Alexis
  • Do something both of you enjoy together—Lizzie
  • Help them learn more—Loren
  • Play with them—Henry
  • Never hurt them; love, care, have fun; and be with them—Bridget

For more information about Sibshops or other great programs through Children’s Village Parent to Parent program email them here or call (509) 574-3200.


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