Sibshops – Fun, Friendship and Support Services at Children’s Village!

By Mark Day

What will kids find at a Sibshop workshop? Just maybe something a little different from what you’re thinking. You’ll find awesome food, great games, friends, and laughter in this support group!

Sibshops is a unique program coordinated through Parent to Parent. Once a month during the school year, siblings of children with disabilities get the very rare opportunity to branch out of their home and spend time with peers who may be going through some similar stuff. It is very easy for neurotypical children who grow up in a home with a developmentally disabled sibling to possess feelings of loneliness, and I speak from experience. Sibshops gives these kiddos the chance to realize that they really aren’t alone!

I grew up attending Sibshops, and even as I graduated the program, they couldn’t keep me from helping out. The experiences, opportunities and friendships from this program are lifelong.  So when you ask me if support services are necessary for kids, I will answer yes; . . . just with a little more flare!

For more information on Sibshops support workshops click here or email Parent to Parent!



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