Slug Bugs Go for the Dunk

Slug Bugs, part of Children’s Village Parent to Parent One2One program kicked off their winter season with basketball!

Slug Bugs is a recreation program for children with special needs. Paired with teenage mentors, kids participate in a variety of sports by playing on a team, learning important skills such as sharing, taking turns, making friends and learning the basics of a sport. Slug Bugs also offers karate and yoga in the winter and baseball in the spring.

Hosted at the West Valley Church gym, Slug Bugs meets once a week for practice and a game.

Fun for the whole family, typically-developing siblings and family members often join in the fun helping and cheering on the kids.  This inclusive environment provides a wonderful opportunity to have fun and try something new!

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  1. Lana A Bennett says:

    If slug bugs did not exist my son would have no experience with team sports. This is such a vital experience for our children! I have to say it is so important for our kids and the parents, to be able to see our kids succeed, there is no price tag. Please support this and our children!

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