Swimming Towards Milestones!

Big Fish Little Fish Swim Group:

Debbie Sheppard, Children’s Village early intervention therapy services, has discovered an interactive way for children with different needs the opportunity to play, reach milestones, and plain have fun! Swimming!

After attending a summertime pool session with her own grandchildren, Debbie realized that many of the families she works with would not be able to experience typical summertime pool settings. Many children Debbie sees have sensory sensitivities such as to loud sounds, lots of people, bright lights, and different smells and temperatures.

Utilizing the quiet setting and the warmth of the Children’s Village therapy pool, parents are reporting that their children look forward to pool time and are showing increased enjoyment and willingness to participate in songs and activities during each weekly session. The goals are to make milestones in therapy that will help them in their daily routines.

“Playing in the warm therapy pool provides a great opportunity to work on expressive communication skills and motor imitation”, says Debbie. Through music and movement in the water, one little girl is now able to float on her back with her mom’s support and put her head back in the water.

What better place to be on a hot, August day than in the whimsical Children’s Village pool led by fun therapists in a playful environment.

Milestones are being reached in a truly joyful way.

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