Taylor Williams

Taylor Williams and her parents have been coming to Children’s Village since she was an infant. Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Taylor’s parents have been extremely proactive in getting the services and therapies she needs.

Now 4-years-old, Taylor is starting the process of getting fitted for a wheelchair. The family comes to Children’s Village to get fittings for the chair and for Taylor to learn how to operate a wheelchair.

Sarah, Taylor’s mom, is a nurse at Memorial Hospital and Taylor attends the Memorial daycare several days a week. Last month, the Kids on the Block puppeteers visited Taylor’s classroom hosting a puppet show for the children.

Kids on the Block is a disability awareness training put on by specially-trained high school students from around the Valley. They go to preschools, church groups and elementary schools to do presentations.

“Taylor was so excited the day the puppets came to her school because one of the puppets was in a wheelchair,” Sarah said. “We happened to have a chair fitting appointment that same week and Taylor seemed relaxed and comfortable with the chair.”

The Kids on the Block presentation is a powerful tool to bring awareness to our community. In Taylor’s case, meeting the puppet helped her feel more comfortable with the wheelchair.

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