The Unexpected Journey

Two years ago, our life’s journey took a different course. We had so looked forward to having a son, but when our son, Japheth, was diagnosed with Apraxia, we never imagined that on this journey we would have so many tears, laughter…a little bit of everything.
Our journey took us to beautiful places where we wanted to stay, but we had to continue on. On our course, we’ve seen very lonely and rainy landscapes, and on occasion we have even gotten a “flat tire”. We’ve encountered people who only stop to stare at us, or point; but there have also been people who provided a hand to help us repair the “flat tire”. We have placed a lot of effort into reaching our final destination.
The Children’s Village Parent to Parent and Holland support groups have been a big part of our experience. They have helped us understand that we are not alone and that none of this is our fault. They have helped strengthen us as parents. We have met more families like us…we are not alone!
We want to encourage other parents who may be unsure of what direction to take; they may have doubts about asking for help. But I encourage you to reach out.
And while you are on this journey of raising a child with special needs, if you happen to see someone else with a “flat tire” in their life, think about helping them, instead of pointing a finger!
— As translated by Maria Pulido for Imelda Ortiz (photo attached)

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