I found a treasure!  by Beth Palmer 

Eighteen years ago I received a call from Tracie at Children’s Village asking if I would reach out to a new mom whose son had Down syndrome.  I guess you could say it was the beginning of a “beautiful friendship”.  As corny as that may sound, it is so very true.

Having a baby with special needs can be overwhelming.  The emotions that race through 

you can take over and the responsibilities that fill every waking moment can make you crazy.  I experienced that myself and was so grateful to be able to reach out to another mom and try to help her through when she found herself in the same position.

Megan and I would never have been friends had we not been blessed with our sons JJ and John.  We lived in very different worlds with very different interests, but through the years we have become the best of friends; at times we have fought for each other, laughed until we cry at ourselves and our sons, complained about inequalities and watched each other’s backs.  I have shown Megan the fun in a sledding party with bonfire and hot dogs, and she has taught me what the beginnings of a blue ribbon sweater looks like when she starts to knit it.  As a teacher at our boys’ high school, she keeps me up to date on all the important events and news.  I do all the driving to the boys’ sporting events with Special Olympics, because she hates to drive.

You cannot put a price on something like a friendship and as I look back 18 years, I think of the call I got from Tracie and I am so grateful that she made it.  I am also grateful for everything Parent to Parent and Children’s Village has offered this community and our family.  I am so grateful for my dear friend, Megan.

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