Views From Our Shoes

A Children’s Village mom shared the following about the recent “Views From Our Shoes” event where 3 local High School students shared their journey of growing up with Autism Spectrum Disorder:


The “Views from our Shoes” event was probably the most encouraging event I have ever attended at the Village.   I say this will all honesty.  I was so hopeful about my son after hearing those stories from three high schoolers.  They were all honest, funny, articulate, and poised in their own unique way.  They all had talents, positive high school experiences, and real life advice from what they remembered during their early years.  I was especially impressed with one speaker who shared about her tantrum days that she remembered well- and to see her now so confident and articulate.  I left that night with more hope for my son and what he might be like when he is in high school and how he might be able to help others down the road as well.  Please run this event again next year and invite more people.  More teachers and parents and care providers need to hear these voices and stories!!


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