Views from our Shoes – A Mother’s Perspective

The 2nd annual ‘Views from our Shoes’ event was held at Children’s Village on April 17th.

This event highlights individuals living with autism and allows attendees to listen and understand new perspectives.

“My son, Alex, and I both enjoyed it immensely and continued the conversation for a long time last night.  He was like a different kid—the timing was perfect for us.  Those couple of hours were more beneficial to him (and me!) than so many other activities we have engaged in or been exposed to.  The three young men were just outstanding to listen to—I felt the biggest surge of pride/warmth fill me up as I listened to them.  My hat is off to them and their families for what they have accomplished and have brought to this world.  Cannot thank you enough!  My son was inspired—and it helped him so much to hear these young men speak.  He could relate so well to what they had to say and identified with them and was inspired . . . not something, as you know, that is common for kids on the spectrum. I KNOW that he left feeling like a different kid—like he was not an outsider—that he is “normal” and that there ARE nice, smart, polite kids like himself who live in Yakima!  I am just thrilled we went! It gave me so much hope and, more importantly, hope from my son’s perspective as well.”

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