Our last visit to Children’s Village

Today, my son Andy had his last appointment at Children’s Village!  A very sad day, but we know it’s time to transition him to adult services in the community.  Andy has been coming to the Children’s Village dental clinic for almost 20 years! 

For a person with Autism, and significant sensory issues, dental appointments should be very challenging.  But we’ve never used that word to describe our visits.  Andy loves coming for dental appointments.  The skilled, caring staff are incredibly patient and calm as they ease him into various dental procedures.  They are so very engaging with him, listening to his stories, celebrating moments with ‘high fives’ and ‘hugs’- they have become friends to my son; and yes… we may have to come back for a visit every once in a while! 

I’m so thankful to the dental staff who worked so hard to build a strong foundation of care for Andy as he continues to access dental services in the community. 

THANK YOU Children’s Village dental….. you are appreciated more than you know!

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