Voices of the Valley – Munchkin Music

“Old Dan Tucker was a mighty man…” my 2-year-old shrieks laughing as he runs past me.

“He combs his hair with a wagon wheel and has a tooth ache in his heel,” his 4-year-old brother chimes in.

A few minutes later, as they play with a mish-mash of dinosaurs and matchbox cars I hear one of the boys humming a familiar tune, a new song they learned last week at Munchkin Music.


Taught by Children’s Village early childhood educator Melissa Van Troba, Munchkin Music is a weekly song and movement class hosted by Children’s Village and the YMCA for children ages 18 months to 3-years-old. Open to typically-developing children and children with special needs, all you need is a little enthusiasm and a tolerance for ringing bells, banging drums and the occasional happy shout from a kid.

It’s a beautiful hour, and the highlight of my boy’s week, to learn and explore, working on fine and gross motor skills, language development, rhythm, memory and following instructions. All under the guise of having fun of course!

This is the beautiful thing about Children’s Village, its services reach into every corner of our community. To learn more about early intervention services at Children’s Village, click HERE. To take a developmental screening for your child, click HERE

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