That’s a Wrap! Slug Bugs Finish Their Season

The Slug bugs finished their season for the year with a final softball game at Whitney Elementary on Saturday. Even though the wind was blowing and dark clouds were threatening rain, the kids didn’t seem to notice, too busy having fun to be slowed down by a little cold.

The One2One group through Parent to Parent at Children’s Village offers recreational activities throughout the year for children with special health or developmental needs. Teenage mentors volunteer their time to support the kids while they play. Activities throughout the year include soccer, basketball and softball.

Emma, a long-time participant in Slug bugs looks forward to each Saturday regardless of whether there’s a game or not. Each Saturday she proudly dons her Slug bugs shirt and makes sure family and friends know its game day.

“This is a wonderful program,” Sue Fate, Emma’s mother said. “It’s been a wonderful tool to work on communication and motor skills but really it’s just so fun to watch the kids having a blast together.”

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