Yakima Childhood Early Intervention

Children’s Village Child and Family Supervisor Jack McPhee knows how to wear several hats at once. She oversees the Early Intervention (birth to three program) balancing the needs of staff members, processing hundreds of referrals per year, managing her own case load and she is the children with special health care needs coordinator for the County, which happens to have about 2,500 children in the system.

But what is most exciting for Jackie is watching parents or caregivers receive the help and services they need to best care for their children. “When the lightbulb goes on and progress is made, I can see the joy in the child’s eye and a weight lifted from mom and dad,” McPhee said.

The Infant and Toddler Early Intervention Program is provided by Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital at Children’s Village. Anyone with a concern about a child’s development (Birth to 3 years of age) can make a referral to the program with the parent’s consent.

Services for early intervention may include:

  • Developmental screening for children
  • Family Resource Coordination: coordinators meet with families to identify child and family needs and coordinate and plan early intervention services
  • Evaluation and on-going assessments performed by physical, occupational, speech and language therapists, and/or educators
  • Services may be provided in homes, at Children’s Village or other community settings
  • Services may be covered by medical coupons, some insurance policies, or other identified funding sources

If you or someone you know has a concern about their child’s development, call your family physician or go to the Children’s Village web site.

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