Yakima Kids on the Block

When Kids on the Block puppeteer’s visited the Memorial Hospital Early Learning Center this summer, they had no idea the impact they would have on one little girl.

Kids on the Block provide educational puppet programs that enlighten children on the issues of disability awareness, medical and educational differences, and social concerns. Volunteers are trained to become puppeteers and help present skits to groups of people at schools, community centers, parks, and other settings.

After performing several skits for the children, one in particular about a little boy who is in a wheel chair, a little girl in the audience gestured over and over to herself and the puppet in excitement. The little girl has cerebral palsy and doesn’t walk.

Her mother revealed that later that day they had gone for her daughter’s first wheelchair fitting and lesson and her daughter had done very well at the appointment. The mother was convinced it had to do with the puppet’s visit.

A seemingly small moment makes a big impact on a young girl. She understands that there are other special and unique people like her and the youth who embark into the community to talk about disability awareness are reminded that it’s not just community service; their efforts DO make a difference.

To get involved with Kids on the Block, click HERE.

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