Yakima Wishes and Dreams

Paloma and Luis Hernandez-Bazan were both born profoundly deaf. Last November, Yakima Wishes and Dreams awarded the children each an iPad to help with communication, speaking and school work. The children’s speech therapist, Lynn Green, referred the family for services to Children’s Village. The Parent to Parent Program at Children’s Village then referred the family to Yakima Wishes and Dreams.

“The iPad’s really help them, and their teacher at school helped us put programs they use at school on them so that we can practice at home,” their mother, Marisol, said.

Paloma, 7-years-old, received a cochlear implant when she was nearly three. The implant helps her hear and she is learning to speak.

Luis, 6-years-old, also has a cochlear implant which he had placed when he was about two.  Luis received early intervention services in their home through Children’s Village.

“It has been a joy to watch the kids with their implants, move forward little by little,” Marisol said.

If you know a child with a life-threatening or life-changing diagnosis, they may qualify to receive a grant from Yakima Wishes and Dreams. To learn more, check out their Home Page.

Children’s Village is proud to partner with Children’s Wishes and Dreams to make the dreams come true of deserving children and families.

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