Youth Council Teen Volunteers To Make a Difference

Selah High School senior, Alex Johnson, is the Youth Council Chair this year. Passionate about the Village, Alex started volunteering with Slug Bugs several years ago. Slug Bugs is a group for children with special needs. Each season they play a sport and are mentored by volunteer teens that help them on and off the field!
“I remember the first year I volunteered with Slug Bugs, and I met a kid named Brett who was there for the first time, he was pretty nervous, so I offered to be his buddy, and we had an awesome time,” Alex said. “Brett was blind, but with a little help, he had a blast playing softball and for the rest of the season, I was his buddy.”

Growing up with an older brother who has special needs, Alex has a special place in his heart for Children’s Village. He has been a volunteer and mentor, worked with Kids on the Block providing disability awareness training at area schools, participated in One-to-One and served on the Youth Council for the last three years.
“I just see what a unique and needed place Children’s Village is,” he said. “When I graduate from college, I’m hoping I can come back and work here. My goal is to one day run this place.”

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  1. rachel kirk says:

    Alex your a great guy:) i see in your eyes that you really care about these kids and i love how you can have time to go out and help people because they really need it and im sure they will go home with a big smile on thier faces:) caring about someone is really important and a lot of people need help and im glad that you can give that to them:) i see how helping others touch your heart and it should unlike some people who just do it and have no heart in what they are doing. It isn’t right and i like how you tell me that they touch your heart and you love that smile on their faces. Your a good guy.. keep helping people out:) im proud of you

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