YouthWorks Council: Giving tours of Children’s Village

By Stephanie Badillo, YouthWorks council member and Davis High School student

During this past week, YouthWorks council members have been focused on giving tours of Children’s Village for high school pageant contestants and their families. Everything about this place is amazing and I realize, along with others, how fortunate we are to have this place that helps children with special healthcare needs and their families too.

While preparing and giving tours, I learned so much about Children’s Village; more than I had known before. The Village makes everything for the family simple. For example, in their Pediatric Dental Clinic, they not only provide services for the children in need, but also for their siblings. There is no need for parents to take their children to different dental clinics. The Village also has a Drop-in Early Learning Center where parents are able to drop off their children while their other child is receiving treatment at the Village and there’s absolutely no charge to the families.

The high school pageants and the contestants will raise money and a part of these donations will be given to Children’s Village. These donations help the Village to continue to provide these much needed services. I know Children’s Village has made an impact in my family’s life and is needed by others here in the Valley.

I first learned about Children’s Village when my little brother, now age 8, was treated here. When he was a toddler, we noticed that his speech was not developing because he wasn’t able to hear what those around him were saying. His doctor sent us a referral to Children’s Village and this was where he began his speech and language therapies. My family noticed a major improvement in him and we were all so thankful.

Children’s Village in the Yakima Valley is a valuable program for many. It has helped my brother and family as it has many other people. The high school pageants help contribute to the Village’s success in helping children with special needs, their families and also the community.

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